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The Alapadma Women's Tee

The Alapadma Women's Tee

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About The Art

This is an ode to the iconic "Alapadma" Mudra in Bharatnatyam. One of the first mudras that come to mind when you think of classical Indian dance, it represents an art form that I admire and respect deeply. 

BUT ALSO. This is an ode to one of the "brownest" hand gestures of all time 🙌🏽

It means an array of hilarious shit like "BUT WHY?" and "SU THAYU?!" and "ARE WAHHH" It's also that thing aunties do when you do something that surpasses their already very low expectations of you *eyebrows raised, stank face* with the look of "oh damn i thought this bitch was stupid but she showed me 🤔"  

Size & Fit

  • Regular fit, moderate stretch
  • Hits at the hip
  • Soft, wear-resistant cotton
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